The Manilla Manor has made it a priority in its activity programming and philosophy to provide our elders with many opportunities to live a life with purpose, companionship, enjoyment, and humor. Opportunities for empowerment and those to maintain each residents' current ability levels are a priority in our program.

Activities are provided to meet our elders' spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, creative, leisure and entertainment needs and choices. Mentally stimulating activities such as current events, trivia, presentations, displays, discussion groups and resident meetings are held. Physical activities provided are exercises, bowling, put-put golf, basketball free-throw shooting, walks and outdoor outings. All activities are adapted to each elder's present level of mental and physical functioning and encouraged as appropriate for them. Our elders are taken on van ride outings to interesting sites, parks, and activities. A favorite end of summer activity includes the making of Lime Pickles with Manilla Manor staff and elders.

Religious activities of bible study, Catholic Mass, rosary and communion services, Lutheran services and communion, Presbyterian and Methodist services and communion, and an ecumenical church service weekly are held and led by various pastors and ministers of the area.

The multi-purpose room provides the elder residents at Manilla Manor with choices of many varieties of activities: All kinds of music, games and crafts, horticulture projects both in and out-of-doors, cooking and baking in the kitchenette, activities specifically planned for men and those for women, and volunteer task-related activities as appropriate for therapy and with consent of their physicians. One-to-one and small group activities are planned to meet the special needs of residents unable to participate in regular activities and for those who choose not to participate in activities.

Opportunities for social time and meaningful companionship are many. Social time is held each day along with many other spontaneous, unscheduled times available for socialization. Some elders are able to attend outside community functions with staff as well.

Meaningful companionship abounds as there are many close friendships established at our home: those between the elders and staff, the elders with each other, the elders with children and volunteers, and the elders with pets. Our elders can have pets if they so choose. Pets have proven to be very therapeutic to many of the elderly in providing needed companionship. Young people of all ages are involved in our activity program as often as possible and frequently come just to visit.

We make available adequate space and a variety of supplies and equipment to meet the individual interests of all of our residents for group, independent and on-to-one activities. Adaptive equipment is also available to assist and enable residents who may have a handicap which prohibits their involvement in activities of choice. Reading materials of all types are available: library books, recorded books on cassette, CD, large print books, a large variety of magazines, daily and local newspapers, and other. If we don't have it on hand, we will make arrangements to get it for you.  Our activity department also offers the latest in technology. Our residents are encouraged to send and receive e-mail messages and photographs from family and friends. To take advantage of the internet, a computer for their use and also computer lessons are available to them.

We love to observe the special happenings in the lives of our residents. Space, as we are able to accommodate, is available for the occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries but please contact us in advance to make arrangements for this type of event.