Manilla Manor is a skilled care facility for the elderly that has long been a facility of choice in this area with an excellent reputation. The idea for the facility began with progressive-minded community members and was built in l976. A corporation of community members was formed with 35 original stockholders. The charter board of directors was chosen from these stockholders who became part owners and operators of the facility. Since its inception it has been a very beneficial project for the community. It soon became and continues to be one of the largest employers in the Manilla area.

The first administrator, serving for l3 years, along with the Board of Directors, set the standard for the highest quality of care available. Succeeding administrators paved the way for many updates, innovations, and changes have been completed: additional employee benefits made available; the facility achieving skill level in l998; a redecorating project completed in l995;  new additions and a remodeling project was made to the facility in 2000/200l with the construction of a new activity addition including kitchenette and horticulture area, four new resident rooms, an additional patio, a physical therapy room, new office areas, work room, conference room, and a children's room. Observances were held in l996 for the facility's 20th anniversary 200l to observe its 25th anniversary and 2016 to celebrate 40 years of service. The Manilla Manor Board of Directors continues with its policy of always placing the interests of our residents first followed by those of the staff, in all decisions made.