Manilla Manor care center has a garden environment both in and out-of-doors. After entering through the foyer, you will find yourself in a bright, beautifully decorated living room with expansive window views, a surprising array of foliage and flowering plants of all sizes and an aquarium. Hospitable staff members and friendly elders greet you in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

  Adjoining the living room is the dining room with floor to ceiling windows adorned with elegant draperies, and table cloths, provide the ambiance for elegant dining. Beautiful tableware, and flatware add the final touches.

The dining room flows into the beautiful recreation room, a spacious, multi-purpose room used for activity groups, independent activities, special events, meetings and family gatherings. Beautiful furnishings and décor, impressive lighting, foliage plants of all sizes and an aviary are highlights of this room. The floor to ceiling expansive window views again showcase the beautiful outdoor landscaping and gardens while giving one a feeling of bringing the outdoors in. A kitchenette and horticulture work area for the elders and activity department is conveniently located next to the recreation room. We now have a tractor simulator to give the feel of living back in the tractor seat on the farm.

The elder care center is divided into two neighborhoods, Shady Lane and Pleasant View. The designated Hospice Room lies in the center of Shady Lane. It has been completely redone and tastefully decorated to provide a peaceful sanctuary and privacy for Hospice elders and their families.

At the end of Shady Lane, a large conference room features window views of the country side. The Liberty room is just off Shady Lane. This gathering room for elders and visitors from this neighborhood and Pleasant View is the perfect place to play a game of pool or deal a hand of cards. There is also a vending machine for everyone’s convenience. You can often find a puzzle in the works.

Down Pleasant View is the beautiful and tranquil Shangri La Room is used for quiet reflection, small social groups, family gatherings, and some employee meetings and trainings. Library room is another gathering room for the elders and visitors; it is located in the center of our Pleasant View Neighborhood.

The elders’ personal rooms are spacious and bright, attractively decorated, homey and comfortable. At the end of Pleasant View, two new, larger rooms were recently added to the facility for Rehab to home for residents coming in for a short Medicare stay.. The elders are encouraged to bring favorite pieces of furniture, pictures, photos and other items to personalize their rooms. Generous bathroom facilities and closet space are provided as well as room for leisure supplies, television, collections, and more. The rooms are inviting and cleanliness is a priority throughout the building. Keeping current with technology we now have available free Wi Fi threw out the building.

The entire facility is exceptionally attractive, well maintained.


The Manilla Manor has made it a priority to provide an atmosphere of warmth, spontaneity and fun as well as one of purpose, respectfulness and caring. Daily happening take on a new meaning when viewed through this type of positive approach to living. The combined efforts of the Manilla Manor Board of Directors, whose mission it has always been to make the concerns of our residents the priority, our small town values, the work ethics and dedication of our staff, and our community volunteers, all play an important role in achieving this goal.

Companionship can be found on many levels: Family and friends with elders, staff and elders, resident to resident relationships, children of all ages come to visit and volunteer on a regular basis, community friends and volunteers. The relationship between our staff and our elders is warm and caring, sharing fun times and helping to get through the more difficult times . . .we are family. Pets are available for them to love and care for if they choose. Manilla Manor elders know they are loved and respected and have continued purpose in their lives.